The State of Undress in the Church Today

My last post was on the above topic and talked about the undress of young women in the church and on how our mothers then handled it. I continue on that topic today because of the present sense of dressing in our churches. I see women dressed like they are going to the club and when presented on the way they look they say oh God is looking at the heart ONLY. And that makes me wonder in which planet are these ones functioning from because I know when you are going for an interview you present yourself a certain way when you are invited to see certain human personalities you dress sensibly. Why is it when you are coming before the Almighty creator of heaven and earth you want to dress as a prostitute and give the excuse He only looks at the heart. We have lost our common sense when we make such statements. For I know that when you work in the government parastatals banking industry and many others you are required to dress formally and not wearing tight short skirts. You are expected to project the image of the company or industry positively and that firstly is in the way you look. The way you look says a lot about you. It says if you are a pastor, a doctor, a nurse or a construction worker. Why will someone look like a prostitute and say they are a child of God. Are we reading different bibles or am I the one out of my mind. There is a dress code for parties/club and there is a dress code for the church please don't get it mixed up. And don't give me that crap about Our Lord is looking at only the heart. The Royals dress presentable at any given time and occassion . Priests of the Anglican order and Catholic cover up their bodies, choristers wear robes. That says alot about this issue.
There is something about nakedness especially women's bodies that distracts a person. I can not explain why that happens but it just happens. If a man is in spirit sincerely worshipping and a naked woman comes in, the man is drawn down to the physical and different dangerous opinions starts running through his mind. I can go on and on about this topic however my point is you are addressed how you dress. Therefore my fellow ladies if you want to be addressed respectfully in church please dress well. Do not put your body out there on display and wonder why the good husband is not coming or only married men are saying hello. The wrong attention attracts the wrong men. God bless you.

God please help our young men and women to present themselves holy and acceptable in your temple both inwardly and outwardly in Jesus mighty name I pray amen.


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