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Having made known to us His will according to His good pleasure which He purposed in Himself (Ephesians 1:9 NKJV). The will of God is no other than God Himself; it is essential to Him; it is His nature and essence. God did not leave us without the knowledge of His will. This is why the Bible is made accessible both to the rich and poor, the young and the old. We have no excuse to fail in life and not to fulfil our God given purpose. God promises to reveal to us His will if we genuinely want to know. The Lord’s plan leads to welfare – happiness, well-being, and success; not calamity – trouble, affliction, and ruin. Understanding this principle is essential to discovering the Lord’s plan and purpose for us which will save us from financial, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual stress. We are in the first month of the year, many have set new goals and new plans for themselves. The tragedy of life lies in having no goals to reach. This year is still very young that is why you need to …