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I pray for you today that every suffering you and your family are going through because of your disobedience or mistake which is causing the enemy to have an upper hand in your life, the Lord Almighty shall looked down on you in His mercy, forgive and turn things around for your good in the name of Jesus……Amen!!

One lesson from God’s dealings with Pharaoh and the Egyptians is the consequences of disobedience of man. Sin has wide spread consequence. God told Pharaoh to release the children of Israel whom he had enslaved for 430 years but he refused. When the judgement on his defiance came, it affected all of Egypt – men, beast, vegetation; even the sun shining upon the land was affected. One man sinned but a whole nation suffered for it. That was in a nation that did not know God. What about a godly nation? In 2 Samuel 24: 1-17, after David regained his throne and was established, he forgot he got there by God’s power and so requested a census of his people. Joab saw this as an a…


There are many promises in the Bible. All of these promises are real and can be enjoyed by you and me. Our God is powerful and rich, stories in the Bible we see, read and tell others of when encouraging them during their time of challenges or sorrow works just as the Lord saved, protected and guided the Israelites during their wilderness journey; the same thing He will and is still doing today. God never changes, and the words of His promises never change nor fail. The only time His promises does not come to fulfilment is when the person, family or nation starts sinning against God thinking they can outsmart God. After considering the work God has done in the past and the one He is still doing in the present we realise that all of His promises are received by faith which rests on God’s power, love and faithfulness. The present error of today Christians is that not many of us expect God to do somethings for us, we sort of choose the things we tell God and say, “well I think I can handl…


Last article I posted was the part one of the topic above and this is the continuation. The last force we looked at was the force of divine direction of which we shall start from so as to refresh our memories. God bless you as you keep reading.  Force of Divine Direction (Genesis 12: 1 – 9; Psalm 32:8): God still speaks in this end time and I assure you that if you give Him your ears He shall definitely speak to you when you don’t get too busy for Him. “For through the voice of the Lord shall the Assyrian be beaten down, which smote with a rod” (Isaiah 30:31). Many are frustrated in life because they lack the presence of divine direction. Direction prevents destruction, it brings distinction. It is the secret of acceleration. We can see how powerful the voice of God is in Psalm 29:4
The voice of God is full of majesty The voice of God is powerful The voice of God is the presence of God
It is impossible to reach your destiny until you hear God on a consistent basis.

Force of Potential Releas…


Force of Divine Plan and Vision (Acts 9: 3 – 16; Habakkuk 2: 2 - 3): It does not matter how fast a person runs in the wrong direction, you can never arrive at the right destination. God decides but, man discovers divine purpose. It does not matter how colourful our plans are, they can never be as wonderful as God’s plan for our lives. The greatest question is ‘’Lord what will you have me to do?’’ (Acts 9:6). When you get what God wants you to do it becomes your vision which gives you acceleration.
 What you picture determines what you capture.
 What you picture determines what you venture.
 What you picture determines where you feature.
 What occupies your mind determines where you occupy in life.
 What you visualize determines what you realise.
 What flows through your imagination consistently determines what will emerge out of your life.
 A blank mind is an empty life.

Force of Divine Presence (Genesis 39: 2, 21 - 23): The more time you spend with God the more you become like …
Are you are pastor or a leader in any organisation, beloved I want you to know that God has called you to excel against all odds. Let's look into the life of one of the greatest figures in the Old Testament, Moses. The situation surrounding him when his mother gave birth to him was a death sentence from Pharaoh to kill all male children. To some of you out there it may be that your biological father told your mother to abort you when you were still in the womb, to some it may be that your mother had you when she was 15yrs old and she abandoned you at the doorstep of your foster parents or you may have gone through one abuse or the other as a child just like Jephthah in the Book of Judges 11 whose mother was a prostitute. I want you to know that God has a plan for you that is why you are still alive today. You are not an accident in this world neither shall the Lord allow you to fail as long as you don't give up on God for He won't give up on you. Befo…