Last article I posted was the part one of the topic above and this is the continuation. The last force we looked at was the force of divine direction of which we shall start from so as to refresh our memories. God bless you as you keep reading. 
Force of Divine Direction (Genesis 12: 1 – 9; Psalm 32:8): God still speaks in this end time and I assure you that if you give Him your ears He shall definitely speak to you when you don’t get too busy for Him. “For through the voice of the Lord shall the Assyrian be beaten down, which smote with a rod” (Isaiah 30:31). Many are frustrated in life because they lack the presence of divine direction. Direction prevents destruction, it brings distinction. It is the secret of acceleration. We can see how powerful the voice of God is in Psalm 29:4

  • The voice of God is full of majesty
  • The voice of God is powerful
  • The voice of God is the presence of God

It is impossible to reach your destiny until you hear God on a consistent basis.

Force of Potential Release (Proverbs 18:16): Your potentials is your key to your possibilities. It opens up your opportunities and imparts your authority. It is not possible to bury your potential and realise your destiny. Your God-given gift is the key to your lift.

Force of a Released Past (Philippians 3:13): It is indeed a sad thing that so many people cannot walk out of their past. The moment you meet them you hear them complain of what they went through and that is why they are not moving forward. It is not possible to walk back into the past. It is not possible to live in the past and have an accommodation with the future. I refuse my future to be buried in the past. There can be no fruitfulness where there has been no forgetfulness. Joseph had to name his two children Manasseh meaning causing to forget and Ephraim meaning fruitful (Genesis 41:51 -52).

Force of Scriptural Revelation (Deuteronomy 29:29): What you see out of the word determines what you see out of life. Discovery determines delivery and deliverance and distinction. Until light comes you can’t shine; it is light that sponsors shinning. What sets you apart from the rest is not your title but the light which is from God. Revelation determines possession. Revelation is the food of faith and faith is the key to victory on earth. Your level of faith is determined by your level of light.

Force of the Seed: The seed is the key to the future and the seed is the cure for adversity. It is also the trigger for the change of season. A closed fist is a closed future. Until your hands are opened towards God your destiny can never be opened by God. A closed heaven is a closed destiny.


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