Back in the days in Africa in the 80's and 90's I remember how it was taboo for females to wear trousers to church. It was just not allowed. If a female wore a short skirt a mother would offer her wrapper to cover (some africans wear double wrapper) .Ladies who put on lipsticks where considered prostitutes so not allowed to take communion at all. Covering the hair with scarfs and hats where just very compulsory because your hair must be covered in the house of God.
Then I could not fathom why things like that were done. Today I am much older I do really appreciate the lessons in dressing. If I can I will go back to that time and say thank you to all those mothers at the time I thought were busy bodies.
Thank you to all those grannies that gave us bad looks when we sat carelessly opening our legs to show our panties and underwear. Thank you for saying to me don't you know you are a girl when I spoke rudely. I thought it was control but thank you it was all for my good.

I want to use this opportunity to say thank you to all our mothers, aunties and sisters that have made and are still making significant impact on us to make us better beings for ourselves and future generation. God bless you all and strengthen you and may you eat the fruit of your labour.

Lord please remember our mothers and bless like never before grant them the grace to enjoy the benefits of the hard work they have put into their offsprings.


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