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L - leave
O - ourselves
V - vunerable
E - everytime

The above word is a four letter word but its deep in its meaning. The Holy bible makes us to understand that love is not when you open up to only family and friends but it is actually when you open up to people who hate you. People who are bent on and determined to destroy and kill you you.
Whenever you have a soft spot for such a person then you have grasped the concept of love.
When you love, you are not supposed to put conditions to it such as one has to be good, has to buy me things,be handsome or beautiful,be intelligent. Oh no!none of that I am just required to love everyone. Having said the above please I must explain that loving everyone does not mean I have to like everyone. I can love you but not hang around you all the time.
Love means I have to treat you as good as I treat myself.
Like means I admire you and want to hang out or around you.

Father in the name of your son Jesus Christ help us to love …