The State of Undress in the Church Today

My last post was on the above topic and talked about the undress of young women in the church and on how our mothers then handled it. I continue on that topic today because of the present sense of dressing in our churches. I see women dressed like they are going to the club and when presented on the way they look they say oh God is looking at the heart ONLY. And that makes me wonder in which planet are these ones functioning from because I know when you are going for an interview you present yourself a certain way when you are invited to see certain human personalities you dress sensibly. Why is it when you are coming before the Almighty creator of heaven and earth you want to dress as a prostitute and give the excuse He only looks at the heart. We have lost our common sense when we make such statements. For I know that when you work in the government parastatals banking industry and many others you are required to dress formally and not wearing tight short skirts. You are expected to…
Back in the days in Africa in the 80's and 90's I remember how it was taboo for females to wear trousers to church. It was just not allowed. If a female wore a short skirt a mother would offer her wrapper to cover (some africans wear double wrapper) .Ladies who put on lipsticks where considered prostitutes so not allowed to take communion at all. Covering the hair with scarfs and hats where just very compulsory because your hair must be covered in the house of God.
Then I could not fathom why things like that were done. Today I am much older I do really appreciate the lessons in dressing. If I can I will go back to that time and say thank you to all those mothers at the time I thought were busy bodies.
Thank you to all those grannies that gave us bad looks when we sat carelessly opening our legs to show our panties and underwear. Thank you for saying to me don't you know you are a girl when I spoke rude…

Favour Passages

Scriptures where God was in favour with some one.
Genesis 4:4 The Lord looked with favour on Abel and his offering.
Genesis 6:8 But Noah found favour in the eyes of the Lord
Genesis 18:3....If I have found favour in your eyes,my Lord do not pass.....
Genesis 19:19 Your servant has found favour in your eyes....
Genesis 39:21 the Lord was with him;He showed him kindness and granted him favour
Genesis 39:3,23 The Lord gave him success
Genesis 47:25b May we find favour in your eyes.....
Genesis 50:4b if I have found favour in your eyes...
Exodus 11:3 The Lord made the Egyptians favourably disposed...
Exodus 12:36 The Lord had made the Egyptians favorably disposed

The list is not exhausted please go to the Bible you will get more. God bless you all.

Oh Lord I hand over these readers to your mighty hand grant them favour as they seek your face in Jesus name amen.

L - leave
O - ourselves
V - vunerable
E - everytime

The above word is a four letter word but its deep in its meaning. The Holy bible makes us to understand that love is not when you open up to only family and friends but it is actually when you open up to people who hate you. People who are bent on and determined to destroy and kill you you.
Whenever you have a soft spot for such a person then you have grasped the concept of love.
When you love, you are not supposed to put conditions to it such as one has to be good, has to buy me things,be handsome or beautiful,be intelligent. Oh no!none of that I am just required to love everyone. Having said the above please I must explain that loving everyone does not mean I have to like everyone. I can love you but not hang around you all the time.
Love means I have to treat you as good as I treat myself.
Like means I admire you and want to hang out or around you.

Father in the name of your son Jesus Christ help us to love …


Challenges are what shapes us in life.
Without it we will have no principles, determination or motivation. Without  it we will not know how to appreciate our Creator God.
Out of challenges come men of honour
Out of it comes testimonies, accomplishment and unimaginable lessons.
So when you go through one, do not grumble, curse God or blame your linage seat calm and take in the lessons.

A Poem To The Holy Spirit

My Best Friend, my companion, my Guide.

The love I have for you is indescribable
For you mean so much to me that without you I am no being
You are my light, the centre of my life.
Without You things fall apart.
You have in my lifetime taught me a lot
To love, talk, dress, ask, plait hair, look good ,appreciate myself, treat people well, read, think, desire, dream, pray, fast, tithe, give offerings and good gifts.
If I go on about all you have taught me I will not finish.
You remember all those words of wisdom by prophets you tell me to hold unto and for years after you keep reminding me to pray them.
Those times when I will forsake you and feel I can do it on my own and when I get stuck you pick me right up and show me what to do
Those nights I will cry and you will comfort me and tell me it is only a test it will not last too long, it will not kill me but it will build me and make me a better person.
Those times that I will verbally abuse myself and you will turn up and tell me to stop that I a…

Death and Resurrection of Jesus (Part 1)

When I heard of the attack that happened in Brussels, I thought hard on it and the more I think about it the clearer the picture of what these suicide bombers believe in. They believe in a cause - of which you and I know it’s all wrong. Yet they were willing to die for that cause. Beloved Jesus Christ came and died for mankind (the greatest cause). Jesus took it upon Himself and died in our place that the power of sin and death might be broken (Hebrews 2: 14). Beloved, how serious are you with your relationship with God? Are you keeping your faith now because this is the Lenten season? Is this what the Bible truly say, that we follow Jesus during a particular period of time and then continue in our worldly ways at other times? It’s time for us (the church) to rise up and live as children of God and not like the people of the world (1 Corinthians 1:10 - 17). When Jesus was about to die on the cross, there were 7 last words He spoke:
Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they a…