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A Poem To The Holy Spirit

My Best Friend, my companion, my Guide.

The love I have for you is indescribable
For you mean so much to me that without you I am no being
You are my light, the centre of my life.
Without You things fall apart.
You have in my lifetime taught me a lot
To love, talk, dress, ask, plait hair, look good ,appreciate myself, treat people well, read, think, desire, dream, pray, fast, tithe, give offerings and good gifts.
If I go on about all you have taught me I will not finish.
You remember all those words of wisdom by prophets you tell me to hold unto and for years after you keep reminding me to pray them.
Those times when I will forsake you and feel I can do it on my own and when I get stuck you pick me right up and show me what to do
Those nights I will cry and you will comfort me and tell me it is only a test it will not last too long, it will not kill me but it will build me and make me a better person.
Those times that I will verbally abuse myself and you will turn up and tell me to stop that I a…