Are you are pastor or a leader in any organisation, beloved I want you to know that God has called you to excel against all odds. Let's look into the life of one of the greatest figures in the Old Testament, Moses. The situation surrounding him when his mother gave birth to him was a death sentence from Pharaoh to kill all male children. To some of you out there it may be that your biological father told your mother to abort you when you were still in the womb, to some it may be that your mother had you when she was 15yrs old and she abandoned you at the doorstep of your foster parents or you may have gone through one abuse or the other as a child just like Jephthah in the Book of Judges 11 whose mother was a prostitute. I want you to know that God has a plan for you that is why you are still alive today. You are not an accident in this world neither shall the Lord allow you to fail as long as you don't give up on God for He won't give up on you. Before you continue please sing this song with me that Deitrick Haddon sang:

God is able to do just what He said He would do
He's gonna fulfil every promise to you
Don't give up on God cause He won't give up on you
He's able (2x)

 Moses was found by Pharaoh's daughter who instead of killing him kept him and God gave Miriam wisdom and the courage to tell and convince Pharaoh's daughter for she (Miriam) to bring a nanny to take care of the baby boy (Moses) of which Pharaoh's daughter agreed and Miriam called her mother who was also the mother of Moses (Jochebed) and she was paid for taking care of her son (Exodus 2: 7 ­ 9).  This was a time when the people of Israel were being persecuted, when you can't find job not to talk of getting one in the palace but when you look at the whole scenario for sure the hand of the Lord was moving, guiding and guarding the entire family just because of Moses.
That family you are raised up from be it your foster parent’s home, biological parent’s home or an orphanage home; I want you to know that God kept you there for a reason so that others may be alive, saved and delivered in spite of what you went through there. God decided to keep you, protect and shield you from dangers, accidents and all sorts of bad things of which when you go down memory lane you wonder how you survived all those times. All was because God was interested in you and is still interested. You may have made some mistakes that you now regret like me whenever I remember that I would've gone to the university when my mates were going, get a degree and read my way to being a Professor in a particular discipline. But one thing I thank the Lord for is that He uses our mistakes or the works of the enemy and turn it into blessings and miracles. Moses mother Jochebed, risked her life keeping the baby and even risked the baby's life by putting it in a basket and then in the river because the river would have carried it to somewhere else and should any of the guards found the boy they would have killed him or the baby boy would've died of hunger. Miriam the boy's sister could have entered into trouble for coming out boldly to request to bring a nanny. You could see in spite of all the challenges, God saw you through even when you felt that you can't survive the next day yet He still made provisions, and showed forth His faithfulness. When you remember your younger days, the foolish things you did some for fun some out of ignorance or out of mistakes still God guided and guarded you through every stage of your life. Like Moses most of you have this sense of helping people in one way or the other but you always fall into trouble because nobody is there to guide you and you are left alone to figure it out yourself. Some are in this forming stage and I would by the help of the Holy Spirit try and help you share a personal experience in one of my write-up in the future. Feel free to email me if you want to share an experience.
Remain blessed.


  1. Mmh what God has put in you is what has to be delivered. God bless you man of God


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