Success is often associated with accomplishments or having things such as lots of money, material possession, or high position of power. But have you ever considered what success is in God’s sight? Let us see what is the world’s view point of success compared to God’s view point as found in the bible.
Dictionary meaning of success: it is the favourable prosperous attempts or endeavours. It is the attainment of wealth, position, honours or the like. This definition of success is based on tangible things and what other people think of you. There is a part of success that is true and founded upon God’s word. Success for a believer is based on the word and not attempts at gaining worldly popularity or material gain.
To understand true success (Joshua 1:8) we need to gain knowledge of some basic principles that can help us as we need to gain knowledge of some basic principles that can help us as we strive for success in God’s eyes. These principles are some of the things that we need to practice every day that is found in God’s manual – THE BIBLE
1) Start with prayer – (1Thessalonians 5:17) Success without prayer is like a pool without water. You never get to your real or full potential without prayer. Prayer is communicating with God one on one. This means consulting your Father about everything, allowing Him to be ingrained in your life that you cannot imagine life without prayer time with God.
Our success depends on our relationship with God and it centres on communicating with Him. This is a simple communion with the Father who knows all, is all, and has all things planned out for us. When we pray we listen and also hear from God. In quiet moments we should ask for directions and wait for answer from God, for He will never steer us from the right direction. True success begins with prayer.
2) Live by the Word – (Psalm 119:105) It is through God’s word that we can and will understand the will of God for our lives and stop trying to do it our way. Imagine walking down a dark hallway, a little frustrated because you stumbled on something and did not see how to get around it because it is dark.
Everything you need to know to be successful is in God’s word. There is so much positive wisdom for life in the word and all you have to do is to open the book (Bible). Start by setting aside sometime aside every day to allow God’s word to be a light for your path. Take time to read, study and meditate on God’s word for as you do so God’s plan for you and His purpose will be revealed. In understanding the Word we have to be willing to take the word line upon line, precept upon precept, without church doctrine, worldly logic or even your own thoughts. Pour all those things out and read the word for what it really says allowing it to fill back up the area you have just emptied yourself.
As a child of God you must study to show yourself approved and also live according to the word (practice what you read and preach). This way success is bound to come.
3) Your faith is powerful – (Luke 17:6) Faith is a powerful tool in helping us to be successful. The just shall live by faith. Abraham was counted righteous because of his faith. When you say you have faith, and it is not shown in works (action), that kind of faith is dead. God told Isaac to plant when there was famine which was out of the ordinary and Isaac being a farmer who knows much and what it entails to farm during famine (it means losing your crops) obeyed God and with faith in God planted and he reaped a hundred fold (Genesis 26: 1 - 14).
As long as you call yourself a Christian you need to follow God’s way. From His word you will learn to advance the Kingdom of God in every field you know that God is leading you into: by prayer, making every step with purpose, in faith and action, determined to stay on the right course even when others choose to do wrong. I pray that you shall live to testify the goodness of God as you make your way to the top.


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